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FREE TMS - Connect with your drivers (Reduced)
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A simpler free TMS.

Stay connected with your drivers, get accurate ETAs, and save time at no cost. TDP's free TMS (no credit card required), combines multiple applications into one cloud-based platform.

Track ETAs with TDP's truck-safe GPS app
Find truck stops along your drivers' routes
Pre-plan trips & loads
Voice & text communications
Share essential documents
TDP Dispatch TMS Map

See all your drivers on a single map

TDP Dispatch TMS and App In Action
  • Location sharing helps find nearby loads

  • Accurate ETAs update with progress and road conditions

  • Digital CB Radio enables hands-free conversations

  • Pre-Build trips to destination(s)

  • Routing with real truck GPS

  • Single source load information

Plus, your drivers get a great truck GPS!

With over 100,000 downloads, TDP's driver app has all the bells and whistles along with complimentary navigation for being a part of your dispatch account.

TDP's companion mobile app is available on iOS and Android.
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  • Truck GPS

  • Truck parking locations with availability statuses

  • Weigh station locations with open & closed statuses

  • Weather radars that update while driving

  • Intelligent forecasts along routes

  • Automatic night mode

  • Truck washes

  • CAT scales

  • Low clearances indicators

  • Trip timer markers

  • Road reports

  • Traffic conditions

  • Accurate ETAs

  • Loading bays

TDP Mobile App Map
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Check out a demo of the Dispatch TMS below.

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