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Advertise to a Pure Professional Drivers Audience

The Truck Driver Power (TDP) Ads network screens out non-drivers, which means there's no better place to reach real drivers.

TDP Ads can position your brand to target direct-to-consumer in the trucking industry without the use of Out-Of-Home (OOH) by leveraging our In-Feed and Rewarded Ad Placements.

Looking to hire drivers? The Call-To-Action (CTA) button integrates with TenStreet, DriverReach, EBE, and many more Application Tracking Systems (ATS). When drivers tap the "Apply Now" button, it will go straight to your job application page or short-form app.

  • In-Feed Placements

    Utilizing popular app screens such as Social, Profile, and Location Search; TDP's In-Feed Placements are static images that deliver impressions with direct-response conversions to your brand in an authentic way.

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  • Rewarded Placements

    TDP's premium Rewarded Placements serve mobile-friendly videos for a minimum of 10 seconds to captivate user attention so your brand message and call-to-action impact a hyper-targeted audience.

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TDP By The Numbers

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