Trip Planning for Professionals.

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The TDP mobile app provides commercial vehicle safe routing to avoid low clearances and weight-restricted roads. All routes are optimized to avoid tight turns. Trip plan for the weather you'll drive through before you hit the road. And find parking easily to dodge storms with mandatory Hours Of Service (HOS) rest breaks. Our tech-enabled trip tools and driver community provide everything else to succeed every day.

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The Mobile App for Drivers

Awesome features that give drivers the tools they need to trip plan, stay safe on the road, and connect with their community.


Level up while on the job by driving through tough situations


Compete with other truck drivers and see where you rank in the world of professional drivers

Digital CB Radio

Talk with drivers nationwide using a digital walkie-talkie radio feature that works with Bluetooth and Push-To-Talk (PTT) enabled devices.

Follow, Friend, Chat

Follow and Friend other drivers and send direct messages to check-in or to coordinate in-person meetups


Get updated truck parking availability & information about amenities for thousands of truck stops

Intelligent Weather

Know forecast weather conditions along your route before you get there and trip plan with extra intelligence

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